Trigger for starting the sequence

Situation: Visitor filled a form on my WP site, the form will be converted to Google sheet, and an email will be received.

Question: How to trigger the sequence on UiPath by receiving email or check the new row in the Google sheet?


Hi @MubieSam_Lin

You will need a monitoring sequence that run time to time to check whether you have received an email. However I do not recommend to use a sequence that keeps on waiting until it receives the email because that will utilize the resources necessarily. So I suggest you to come on with a workflow, which you can schedule to run every 1 min or so. Ince active, it will check whether you have got an email. If the email is available, process it, it not available, stop the process until the next scheduled run.

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Found this Trigger a process when mail arrives

Thanks anyway

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Yep, that was the same approach which I was talking about too :slight_smile: Only thing is, I didn’t specifically mention about the windows task scheduler… Anyways, glad to help in figure outing a way for you :slight_smile:


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