Trigger bot at a specific time

Hi guys,

I need my bot to be triggered at a certain time in a day (including miliseconds). For example, i want my bot to wait until its 12:00:00:300 AM and then trigger itself.
I saw some other topics which included delay until activity but i cant seem to find such an activity.
Could you please help me?
Thanks a lot!

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Hi @Mike03,

You can schedule the task using time trigger in orchestrator.

Thank you! Does it cover miliseconds also? Or just hours, minutes and seconds.

get some help on cron expressions here:

@Mike03 - at present triggers having hh:mm:ss - no milliseconds.
Can you guide me that specific/ accurate a milliseconds to trigger a process?


  1. Cron does not support milliseconds.
  2. Even though you wanted to trigger a bot at specific time which is in milliseconds, it will never triggered exactly on same time, there will be a delay because of many reason i.e. Network Lag, System performance issue, unavailability of processing units or other reasons.
    3.Even still it is required, I would prefer using a trigger by a bot for this bot using timer.interval

Thank you guys for answering.
I know bot will have a small lag but i dont mind as long as its around 30-50 miliseconds. But of course depends on many variables.

But for me rn it is worth trying to find a solution. For example, when it is lets say 12:00:05:300 PM I want my bot to click on some web page elements. Therefore, could you please explain more what you meant by timer.interval?


Well for this particular case, you can keep running your bot 24 * 7 in a while loop with a if condition where condition will be
Perform click.


Worked very well, many thanks!

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