Trigger timing

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The limitation of intervals to create the trigger doesn’t support what I’m doing .
I need to be able to have an interval of 2 mins .

Any suggestions?

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Ajay Gopinath


Go to Triggers page and select process and then trigger the BOT for every 2 mins.

Hi Lakshman,

Option allows 1 ,5 ,10,15,30 Think its because its a community edition.

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Sorry for me also showing same thing.

Select Hourly and set Every 0 hours and Minutes as 2 to trigger BOT for every 2 minutes. I guess it will help you.

Then it will only trigger at 1;02 , 2:02, 3:02 ever hour :slight_smile:
Ill try with a delay and see if that gives it time to complete.


In Triggers page, Click on Advanced and then try below CRON expression to trigger the BOT for every 2 minutes.

                             0 0/2 0 ? * * *

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