Tree Structure Application

Hi Everyone,

I have a scenario for SAP Tree Structure. Please see the below screenshot (Not real screenshot just for demo. )


Red Line in the screenshot has five sub-view. For my case, the number of views is not fixed, sometime they are 5,20,13,12 sub-view. I want to click all the views for individuals and give all the sub-table from different sub-view.

Question: How can I use Click activity for dynamic view and scape down the table?

I am trying to figure out, I need all of your advice. Thank you so much.

Hi @Chen_Kenny ,

Do you have a different t-code that can download the personnel data?

Otherwise, you can reference the example here to locate the relationship between the first personnel and second personnel under the “Personal data” tree structure and here to identify the selector for scraping the table. You will need to examine the selectors to identify the patterns that will consistently give you the expected behavior.

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HI @Chen_Kenny

When working with SAP Trees, we know exactly, where we are based on RelPath

Best regards, Lev


Hi @LevKushnir

Thanks for the tip. JRE access is disabled for my SAP. I need to test it.