Transform for-each-row to WorkFlow

Hello everybody.
I have a workflow: 06
If there is a way to run for-each-row in a workflow? Because I need to do multiple procedures after “append range” and to put the result somehow inside for-each-row. 48

Hello! As far as I can see, you can create a new Workflow and copy the For Each Row activity inside the newly created workflow. Then you can just replace the For Each Row with an Invoke Activity that has as Arguments the parameters you wanted to send.

I’m not sure I understand your requirement, so let us know if you actually need something else.

The question is if it is possible to transform for-each-row like this I have to loop and use it in flowchart?

Hi @Slavich
if you eager to create a flow chart in your flow.this might help you!

As i can see you are iterating through data table!