Transfer one/multiple files to FTP


I want to transfer single or multiple files to FTP server from my local drive.
Can someone help me how i can achieve this ?


Hi @Sindhuja252,

As @c.ciprian suggested, kindly download that package “UiPath.FTP.Activities” in your Studio, where you have an activity named “Upload Files”, With Connection wizard option in that activity, (will be visible when you place that activity in design panel) you can mention your server details and mention the paths of the remote and local servers.

The package is already downloaded.
It is possible to transfer multiple files from a folder ?

Yup it is…If you have the files readily available, you can send them as a list variable having the file path as value in each index. Then mention that list variable in our upload FTP file local server path field. All inside a for loop

Else if you are creating files in a sequence not readily available, assign that file name to variable and pass that variable in our upload FTP file local server path field.

Though these are the ways we can approach, i found few problems in activity level itself when i was using this activity. May of our community friends faced this issue, that the upload file ftp activity works fine, gives no error while running, but the file is not getting uploaded…Strange isn’t it.

So i would be really happy if you are able to do it, and will answer many of our friends question. So let’s try and do this.


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Did you read the doc before asking?

Even i had tried uploading few sample files.
It did not work.!

Good…No Problem.

So you didn’t get any error, but file wasn’t uploaded…is that right…? @Sindhuja252

The connection was successful.
But file upload did not happen.

Alright…Let’s get some help from our Community Friends…

Hi All @aksh1yadav, @ClaytonM

I would like to tag you guys with this issue, for your kind suggestions. Because like either of us (@Sindhuja252), many are facing this issue with Upload File FTP Activities, like this activity works fine, gives no error on execution, but the file is not getting uploaded to our ftp servers.
It would be more helpful for many of us with your suggestions…Thanks in advance…



Meanwhile my kind suggestions for this would be, as an alternative,…
I hope you are asking this for transferring file and create file accessibility for others. Till this issue get resolved, you can use OneDrive folders in outlook to make others to access files, or better we can use shared folders to place the file…

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Hi @Sindhuja252, @Palaniyappan,
Actually UiPath.FTP.Activities.UploadFiles activity works without problem. You can not see the uploaded file instantly. To do so you have to re-login to ftp server.

When you upload the file the first time UiPath will not give any error. That means the file has successfully uploaded. If you try to upload the same file second time then UiPath will throw “Upload files: One or more errors occurred.” error. That means the file already exists (at least for this case).

I hope it will solve the issue,
Rahym Salamov

Hi Palaniyappan,

I faced the same issue. file is not being uploaded but connection is successful. Any suggesstions or solutions?