Transcripts for Lessons

Has UiPath considered having transcripts for their lessons? The video guidance is helpful and the caption option can assist from time to time. However, transcripts would be helpful when reviewing materials in preparation for quizzes and the final exam. Especially since the materials can be so dense and it takes time to understand the most important parts of a lesson.

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Follow this link to download the subtitles for the RPA Developer Foundation Training.
You can find this link also in the first training material of the course - Lesson 1 - Introduction to UiPath.
Good luck!


Okay, I can view this with Inno Compiler.

This link is not working . Could you please check and revert

Hi @priya_gy

The academy was updated and the subtitles are now integrated in the video itself. Simply click the small CC button in the bottom right corner :slight_smile:
(you have to be enrolled in the French Foundation training)