Subtitles for the RPA Developer - Foundation Training videos - link doesn't work

I try to learn the Foundation Training in French (subtitle) but when I click on the link, it does’nt work - error 404.
Have you an idea how use the subtitle in the video if the link doesn’t work ???


Hi @DanielT73

Could you specify where you got that link? Normally classes that are translated have their subtitles already integrated, i.e. here:


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Thanks for your response. Yes, I have find now the subtitles… :slight_smile:

I have find this link in the first lesson in French… See in yellow in my print screen.

Thanks for your help,

I see. I wouldn’t worry about it as it seems like a left-over from before they were included in the video :slight_smile:

If you still have trouble, feel free to reach out to our Academy support :slight_smile: