Trail Code missing


I didn’t receive the trail code by mail. Neither I could see the trail code by opening the mail as web page


Any help appreciated!

Hi @Skip

Please click this link in your email to open it in your browser. The code will be available there:

Yes did that, but didn’t work. Attaching the screen shot

@loginerror At the risk of being a nudge!

Can you help me on this?

Hi @Skip

No worries. If you haven’t already, the ticket to our support should solve this issue. It might be that there are other factors that are stopping the code from being displayed. They will surely be able to help you here:


Thanks for helping out.

Unfortunately, to raise a ticket (service request) I need to have the license code with me :frowning:

Indeed, and normally I would not suggest that, but please fill in the field with something like “code is missing from the Trial email”.

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