Can not see the Trial code in the mail


Trial/License code


Dear Uipath, I can not see the trial code in the welcome mail as the attachment, can you help to check and send the code? my mail is , thanks ~trial%20code


@ would you please assist


Dear @ovi ,

I have the same problem as the person above.
Could you please help?

Thank you.


Hi @xxxxxls @skipzor

Could you use the link in the email to open the page in your browser? The code should be visible then :slight_smile:
Let me know if it worked.


Hi @loginerror ,

It worked thank you very much. :slight_smile: I have another problem now, once I enter the activation key, it displays this error message.


I have active Internet connection.

Thank you for your help.


This can mean that the particular code was already generated for your organization in the past and since then expired.
Please contact our support and they will be able to support you with your particular case.