Can not see the Trial code in the mail

Trial/License code


Dear Uipath, I can not see the trial code in the welcome mail as the attachment, can you help to check and send the code? my mail is , thanks ~trial%20code

@Profile - ovi - UiPath Community Forum would you please assist

Dear @ovi ,

I have the same problem as the person above.
Could you please help?

Thank you.

Hi @xxxxxls @skipzor

Could you use the link in the email to open the page in your browser? The code should be visible then :slight_smile:
Let me know if it worked.

Hi @loginerror ,

It worked thank you very much. :slight_smile: I have another problem now, once I enter the activation key, it displays this error message.


I have active Internet connection.

Thank you for your help.

This can mean that the particular code was already generated for your organization in the past and since then expired.
Please contact our support and they will be able to support you with your particular case.

Hi @loginerror

I had found the link in the mail and tried to open it in 3 different browsers like chrome, IE and firefox i was not able to see the code. can you please suggest me a browser in which i should open that link. Thanks in advance.

Suman Gajji

Hi @suman

If the code does not display in the browser then it means that it was already requested by someone from your organization and possibly expired. You will have to contact our support to resolve the issue.

Are there more details on that, like is UiPath only providing a certain number of Trial licenses for an organization and how would we know if there are none available to give? It seems a little painful to try and test out the product if we need to manage trial licenses from my perspective.

Hi @ClaytonM

It is true and we are still working on some improvements in this area.

As it is right now, each company gets 1 activation code that can be activated 10 times. There is 60 days to evaluate starting from the first activation of the code. In case someone else from the company will request a trial that is already expired, the email will simply show a blank spot.

Dear @loginerror

I have the same problem as the person above.
Could you please help? is the domain of our company KSV.
We have not previously activated the uipath.

Thank you.

Hi @Bender

Please follow one of the two solutions:

  1. See if clicking the “Open in a browser” link at the top of your email works for you. It should display the code in the browser.
  2. Contact our support. If applicable, they will help you out.

@loginerror, The situation has not changed.


I have open the link from email as a web page but still Trial code is blank.
Please send me the Trial code


Hi @ankur.gupta5

Please contact our licencing support.