No Enterprise Trial Code in Welcome Email?

After having previously installed community edition, I used a different email address to try to begin an enterprise trial today since I want to check out Orchestrator. Presumably my Device Id is already known by UIPath since I used CE… but that data was not requested as part of the enterprise trial request.

In any event… when I received the enterprise trial welcome email, there was no Trial Code in it. It says:

"Are you ready to start your journey?

Trial Code:
Please use Trial Code to activate your trial.
Important! When activated for the first time, this unique code automatically generates a 60 days availability period of your trial. Share the code with the rest of your colleagues right from the start so that everyone from your company can enjoy the maximum period of availability."

Has anyone else experienced this?

Now what?

Hi Bryan, I too getting this same problem now, my mail also doesn’t have trail code, could u pls help me how u have resolved this issue ?

Thanks in advance !

I actually just registered again with a different email address and got a new code that way. Apparently their trial system is temperamental.

Hi Sivakumar,

You have requested the Community Edition which doesn’t come with a Trial code. Can you share a screenshot of the email you received?

Hello Bryan, I am also facing the same issue . I use the different mail ID but I did not receive any trail code .
please let me know how to resolve this issue.


I’m als facing the same issue.


Thank you for your support,


I too getting this same problem.


Hi @vitorsilva,

There was an error in sending the Trial code. I have sent you the code via email.


Hi Viorela,

i have the same issue, no trial code is shown in the welcome mail. Can you help me as well?

Kind regards,


I am facing the same problem. No Trial Code in Welcome email. Please help.



I have encountered the same issue, could you please assist urgently?




Hi @ovi,

Please assist. Encountered same issue.



@ovi please assist

I have the same issue. I need a code, how can this be resolved?

@Kaviraj I have the same issue. Can I receive a code?

I too have the same issue. I received a mail with the trial code empty


Could you resend the trial code for me aswell - I am having the same problem.

Same issue here image
Is something wrong with how you’re sending or in how I’m receiving these emaisl?

Dear @ovi ,

I have the same issue as the above.
Could you please help solving this problem?

Thank you in advance.

For anybody experiencing this issue, please click the link in the email to open the page in your browser. The trial code will be displayed :slight_smile: