Total weeks in a month and last week of the month

I want to know the total number of weeks in a month and month is supposed to retrieved from a date like 21-Dec-18.
And i also want to know that given is the last week of that month or not?
Kindly provide me the appropriate solution.



do you need help with the solution or are you just looking for an xaml file?

.xaml file.

i am going to pass on this. i believe that we should strive to learn and not just get the answers handed over to us.

sorry if i sound rude.

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@VirajN i am in learning phase right now but because it was urgent so thought of giving a trial on forum
But it’s okay @VirajN if you don’t know how to do it.

:pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:

Hi @shreyaj661,

As viraj mentioned you should always strive for learning rather than getting the solution, you could have checked the forum and tried few dot net methods to get the solution.

But still i have providing the solution, just go through that and if its useful learn each step and do on your own.

Please refer the below workflow for getting Total weeks in a month

Main (20).xaml (10.3 KB)

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Hi @shreyaj661,

The below code provides these outputs for provided date 21-Dec-18

Number of weeks in a current month of 21-Dec-2018
The day of the week in the year
The week number which date falls

Refer the below code for reference.

Main (20).xaml (13.3 KB)


Thanks @anil5

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