How to get the start date and end date of the week in the month

Hello everyone

I am currently doing a job at a client’s request to get data from the start of the day to the end of day the week of that month.
but at the request of the customer is to take only the days of that month if there are a few days of another month not taken
For example, the robot will run on the 2nd day of the week on October 4, it will only take 27,28,29,30,31 of September but if I do that, the next week I will not get Day 1, 2 of October
I feel silly, but please help me with this.
Thanks in advance for the help


Check this workflow, I have updated the endofweek calculations to have 5 days alone.
If we need start and end date of whole week including 7 days then have to make it as 7 in the calculation instead of 5.
Also subtracting -7 days in the start and endofweek calculation to get previous week dates.

GetPreviousWeek.xaml (5.2 KB)

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