Total execution time per day for FOS robot

How can we get total execution time per day for FOS type robots? Is there a way we can get the info from elasticsearch logs?

Are you connected to Orchestrator? If so then the information will be in the database?

If not then you can use Elastic Search logs although they’re difficult to export, or you could use the local logs on the machine you are running on.


Hi Richard,
Thanks for your response.

Logging to database is turned off at our end so all logs goes to elasticsearch. We are able to get per day total execution of robots for a given tenant using elasticsearch search api, however, not sure how can we get that only for front office robots across different tenants configured in UiPath orchestrator? We want to have a report that tell us the utilization of front office robots vs back office robots.

Whilst logging is turned off to the DB you should still have records of robots running as this is the run information which should still be stored along with the robot that run the partcular job.

Addionally, if you add a new log field (search the forum for this) you could log the fact that they are front / back office robots, or log the machine name and group accordingly.