Check _Execution.log files from Robot to Elasticsearch

Hi Team,
I am trying to understand the logging process, we have the Robots on a Server separate to the Orchestrator server and the Elasticsearch server version 7.11. From the tutorials I have been viewing in the Academy it seems the Robots should be generating some logs that would be located as specified in the NLog.config file

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>

Unfortunately I cannot find any _Execution.Log files on the robot server and there are no robot generated looking log files visible on the Orchestrator server for Elasticsearch to detect. I am wondering if the MinLevel setting in the above config code should be a different value, if so what would that be? Is there some pointers on how to set up the logging, we installed Elasticsearch as specified in the Pre_Requistes section of the installation instructions.

Thanks Wayne