Token error in UIPath

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I have integrated UiPath and chatgpt using HTTP Request. Am getting the errors as attached.

Please advise me on this.



I think your prompt or the response u receive is very lengthy
That’s why this error is coming

try to shorten the prompt you have given while still conveying the necessary information or context. This will free up more tokens for the model’s response.

UiPath’s integration with language models like GPT-3.5 requires staying within these limits to avoid errors.

To work within this limit, you need to consider both the length of the input prompt and the length of the model’s response

Just for your idea:

Tokens are units of text that can vary in length; they can be as short as one character or as long as one word in English, or even longer in other languages. GPT-3.5, for example, has a token limit of 4097 tokens.

So reduce them this error won’t occur

Hope this helps

Cheers @ydhanabalan

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Hi @ydhanabalan

Refer this link-


Hi @ydhanabalan

You can use below workflow, change apikey with your openai API key

chatgpt integration in (5.9 KB)

Hi Nitya,

The integration part is completely done, the link you provided is very nice and useful with detailed explanation.

My problem here is I have increased the token size to 4000 also even am getting same.
I found that very long conversations may not fit within the model’s maximum token limit (e.g., 4096 tokens for GPT-3.5), and we might need to truncate or omit some text to make it fit.

but my project it to send the whole resume in which few resumes has max of 6 pages also, in this case this GPT 3.5 model wont fit I assume.

What is the alternate solution for this?

Please help me on this


Use UiPath activities to split the long document into smaller sections or pages. You can use techniques like text extraction, OCR (if the document is an image or PDF), or even simple string splitting based on page breaks or markers.
After processing each chunk, you can use UiPath to merge the responses back together to reconstruct the complete document.


Hi @ydhanabalan

Can you check this-


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