Replace Text data from Excel file

Hello everyone!
I am very new to UiPath, and coding. Please help me!

So I want to read a data from Excel file, and replace a Text data in a certain location.
Could you kindly explain through step by step?

Hi ,

Step 1 : Excel Applicatiion Scope , entry Excel path
Step2 : Read Range set as output datatable
Step 3 : For each row from datatable
Step 4 : Assign x =.ToString.Replace(row(0),5,1)


Based on the image I can see
You can use the below activities RO replace the value in those particular cells

-use a EXCEL APPLICATION scope and pass the filepath of above excel file
—inside the scope use a WRITE CELL activity and mention the cell position and input value you want to replace and the sheet name
—use another write cell activity for another cell

Hope this would help you
If this is not the actual requirement pls elaborate a bit more on this pls

Cheers @Jasmine_Lee