To type into multiple variable in an excel cell

I have stored 2 variables in the Uipath and I would like to type this 2 variable into a same excel cell. Is there a way to do it? Kindly wait for solution and thanks in advance.

You can use Write Cell
And In value use

Is there a way to fix this problem using Type Into? When I use Var1 + Var2, the Var2 is typed in the bottom cell instead of the same cell.

Then keep it in a temp variable say Var3=Var1+Var2

By using Assign? Or is there any other way to keep it in temp variable

The picture on the right side is my Type Into activity and the picture on the other side is the output. What I want is the variable- Year is typed into the same cell. Is there a way to do so?

What is in Year Variable

31/12/2020. I put it as string.

The result I wish is 31/12/2020 31/12/2020, which is in the same excel cell

Have u tried the one which i suggest earlier
NewVar=Var+" "+Var

As i tried at my end
Var+" +Var is also worked…

How to achieve this? Using Assign activity or simple way?

U can use assign for this

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Hi I have tried this method but it doesn’t work.

are u indicating a particular cell only ryt?
Or share your workflow with file with demo data

Is it possible to share how you did it just now? I don’t know how to share the file with demo data

TypeInto.xaml (5.3 KB)

@Ka_Hern if you want them to be on the same cell with a new line.

instead of Year+" "+ Year you can say Year+Environment.NewLine+Year

Sorry I cannot access the file as it could not load the activities.

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I have tried out your method but this is the output. I want them to be on the same cell.

I have just used Type into in it