To search on a website for a string from an excel sheet and copy it into the excel sheet

Good day,

I would like to build a robot that opens an excel sheet where are strings saved.
It should get each string one by one and message box it out.
After that, it should open Firefox and write this string down.
After that, it should search in a specific place for an other string and copy this into the same excel sheet right next to the string from the beginning.

I know it would a systematic scheme like that:
In a loop

  1. Open excel sheet
  2. message box the entry
  3. open the browser
  4. pastedown the string
  5. search for the new string
  6. copy the found string
  7. write it down right next to the first string
  8. repeat for each entry in the excel sheet

If someone could provide a code, it would be really generous, because I started with UiPath some days ago.

Hello @artem1
you can do this following steps
1 - use Read Range activity and get output as outDataTable
2 - use For each row Activity inside for each row use Message Box and give like this row(“yourColumnName”).ToString this will give the String values one by one
3 - Use OpenBrowser Activity and pass the URL after that you can use TypeInto activity to paste the string!
4 - use Get Text activity inside the for each loop and indicate on the New String if it’s changes every time change the selector aaname = ‘*’ like this
5 - use Add Data row and pass Get Text output in Arrayrow like this {GetTextOutputVariable}
and pass the Data Table = outDataTable
6 - use Write Range


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Many thanks it is a huge help1

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cheers @artem1
is it working?

I am stuck between point 4 and point 5. I used the get full text activity.
Now I don´t know what I have to write down for the properties for the add data row.
Could you look throw it?
Main.xaml (17.9 KB)
Many thanks in advance.
cheers @Pradeep_Shiv

Main.xaml (18.8 KB)
done here it is i hope it’s solved!

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