Browser search for each excel cell

Is it possible to automate a search on a social media platform for each row in an excel column. As an example; to copy and paste the value in an excel cell to the search bar on the social media platform, pull a value from the page then do the same for the next cell. ?

hi @seran_kobaner,

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Yes It is very much possible. Lets take an example of Amazon.

  1. You have a list of items name in excel and a column in ahead of it saying Price. Idea is to login to amazon and get price of all items in excel.
  2. Read the Excel using excel application scope in a Datatable.
  3. Iterate the DataTable using For each Row.
  4. Inside the for each row - Use an open Browser / attach browser and point it to amazon homepage.
  5. Type the name of the Product in amazon.
  6. Grab the Price.
    7.Take a write cell and write the grabbed price.

These are the very high level steps you will have to perform for any website and Excel.


Hi @seran_kobaner,

It is possible.

  1. Read the excel content into a DataTable -Use Read Range Activity
  2. Loop thru each value in the DataTable - Use For Each Row Activity
  3. Inside the For Each, open the URL you require (Open Browser Activity) and set the value to be passed onto the search bar on your social media platform. You can record click\relevant activities are per your needs.
  4. Pull the required value you need and use “Write Cell” activity to write the content onto the excel. You may use the index of the “For Each” to specify range in the Write Cell activity.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: