To read the content of doc format file

Hi ,
I am trying to read the content of the “.doc” format file,
i tried with ReadTextFile activity, using this activity i can able to read the “.doc” file but the content is not in readable in format .

when i tried to use Word applicaiton scope , i am unable to know where to declare the variable for that specified doc file ,
when i tried to use Read Text activity, it is not allowing to select “.doc” format file ,

can anyone help me to solve this issue

Opens a Word document and provides a scope for other Word activities. When this activity ends, the document and the Word application are closed. If the specified file does not exist, a new document file is created. This activity can only be used if the Microsoft Word application is installed on your machine.



  • FilePath - The full path of the Word file to be used. If the Word file to be used is located in the project folder, its relative path can be used. Only String variables and strings are supported.


Strings must be placed between quotation marks.

ok , in my system i have open office software not , microsoft word application,

So according this situation is there any solution to read the content of 'doc" file