Is it possible to read part of document (Word.doc)?

Q. Is it possible to read part of document (Word.doc) and put it in variables?

For an instance,

I would like to read only ×××××××× and put it in variables.
Assume using activity “read text”, all 1~3 might be read.

Should I convert word.doc into csv or xlsx file and after that, read cell from csv or xlsk file?
I would appreciate if someone advise me.

if it is in document and every value you want to push to variable is in same place and all values are separated by newline character, you can achieve this in multiple way. text and then use split string activity then access particular value which you want using output array index.
2.else put the values to excel read them you will be contain those values in DataTable and then you can acces that value.

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