To Read a Binary excel file

How to read a Binary excel file using Read range?? My file is more than 7MB so i cannot copy it as path.

HI @cool_babe

Have you tried with excel activities
Use Excel Application Scope and Give you file with extension and read range

If you dont find excel application scope
Activities panel-> Filters-> Show Classic and now search it it will be there


Yes i have tried it with excel application Scope but i couldnt find the binary file using file explorer

Update your excel activities @cool_babe

Don’t browse instead get the path manually from the folder and paste it there

I have updated my excel activities and i have manually copied the path and pasted it, it throws error that it doest support Xlsb format.

Can you share the workflow screenshot? @cool_babe

Can you be sure you to read binary file or macro file @cool_babe ?

Thanks for your response sry the file is confidential.

Yes im sure it is Binary file

the extension seems to be macro file xlsm , Binary will be xlsb @cool_babe

Instead of workbook activities @cool_babe

Use excel activities like this


even i have used it too

Hello @cool_babe
The Xlsb format can’t read by using the workbook activity. Use the Excel application scope to read the the binary file. You can place the Excel application scope inside the other excel application scope as a nested.

@cool_babe Let us know the error you are facing. Share the error screenshot.