Excel file read

I’m having an xls file with an ‘n’ number of rows so when I’m using Excel application scope it reads only first 9 rows, and when using Excel process scope it just starts reading the file and never ends the process.
Any solution for this on how the read large Excel files?


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Is it like read range activity is set with some range
Would recommend to check that once

Or if you feel like that doesn’t solve then we can read the same file with workbook activity

Search as workbook in activity panel and u get same set of activities as u see in excel

From that use read range and try again
This doesn’t need excel application to be installed and excel application scope
Directly we can use and read

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Please make sure you do not mention the range for the Read Range activity. Please build the excel reading activity as mentioned below:


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Can you try with other Excel file you have?
If that is reading fine then you can copy the existing file details to another file
There might be an issue with the existing Excel file