How to read Excel Binary WorkSheet?




I want to read an Excel Binary WorkSheet but I am not able to select the excel in Excel Application Scope as it doesn’t appear may be because it has a file extension (".xlsb").

Please help.




How about read range from workbook . where you need to pass the workbook path in the property.



Don’t browse for the file in file explorer. Instead, copy paste the file path into Read range activity.

Mohammed Rahamtullah


Hey @dear.saxena

Well as per my knowledge currently “Read Range(Workbook)” does not support this format(.xlsb).

But Latest Updated Excel Package makes “Excel Application Scope with Read Range activity” To read Excel Binary Files.

Agree with @rahamtullah currently explorer still is not able to identify but if you will mention a path by own it will work for you.



Thanks Guys!!! It worked by giving just the file path without using file explorer.


Hello All,
I can not open xlsb file in Excel application scope.

I tried giving file name (by copy paste) in excel application scope but it throws an exception as
" Excel application scope : This extension can not be used with the selected file type. Change the file extension in the File name text box or select a different file type by changing the Save as type."

I have tried updating excel package but unfortunately didn’t work.
Please help me!!

Thanks !!


Will you share your *.xlsb file if you can?


Thank you for responding but this is really a confidential data file.can not share :frowning:


ok i can understand but for me it works. try with some other binay excel files and let us know :slight_smile:


aha , yes lets see
thank you


copy paste option instead of using file explorer worked fine for other *.xlsb sheet.
But for the file which is almost 5 MB, it creates another excel of 5kb of the same name and that is strange !!So the trick doesn’t work for large and complex file.


wanna see. I don have such long file to check it out.