"to execute processes, please activate a license" error message cause?


I have to use uipath in my company’s internal network environment.

However, if you connect to the internal network, the corresponding error occurs.
( See screenshot )

Only in internal network environment !!

  • my license is Community version


Hi @komi200,

It seems your community license has expired and you need to activate the license again.

The procedure to activate the license is quite same you need to visit the uipath website again and it will ask you to enter you r machine id and then will do an activation for that.

thank you for reply

The license has not expired yet and will run correctly in offline or Internet environments.
Only errors in the internal network occur.

Hi @komi200

Are you maybe connected to Orchestrator? If you connect your Robot to Orchestrator, you will be able to license it through the Orchestrator and it might fix the issue with locally activated Community license.

You should delete your license files first from this location (this will reactivate the window for you to choose your activation method):