Tip: How to use Inline ABAP Easily

At the beginning I repeat what I have already explained here:

With the approach from the link above is it necessary to do a lot of prerequisites e.g. to install NCo and to implement an individual RFM on the SAP backend system. To save all this steps I programmed ABAPRunner. This ABAPRunner activity offers the possibility to use ABAP code from UiPath Studio easily. As the approach above you can code your ABAP reports local and ABAPRunner transfers it to an SAP backend system and executes it, but no more technical prerequisites are necessary. :slightly_smiling_face:

Otherwise, all restrictions apply because is exactly the same - just nicer. :wink:

ABAPRunner offers all necessary properties to connect an SAP backend system, like the UiPath BAPI activity.

Is that not a lot smarter than my first approach?

You can find the activity ABAP Install And Run in the Programming > SAP path.

With only three steps you can execute a local ABAP report. Read your ABAP report, install and execute it on the SAP backend system and last but not least get the results.

The ABAP report is in the project directory.

One fascinating possibility is to start your local ABAP report in the ABAP debugger, if you set the argument ABAPDebug to 1.

And it delivers the expecting result.

Here a tiny demo video.

You can find ABAPRunner here or in the UiPath Marketplace.

Enjoy ABAPRunner :slightly_smiling_face: