Knowledge Document: SAP Application Server RFC Connection with UiPath

The attached knowledge document describes various technical communication possibilities between an SAP back-end system and UiPath. The calls bases on the RFC interface of the SAP system. The document describes the direct use of RFC calls as well as BAPI and ABAP usage.
It is a structured collection of my posts on this topic here in the UiPath Forum.
The target audience of this document are Citizen Developer and RPA Developer who needs to connect to SAP back-end via RFC.
These approaches to use RFM, BAPI and ABAP with UiPath offers a wide range of possibilities to execute functions or programs in an SAP back-end system. That allows a very high degree of technical integration of UiPath workflows. As well it allows SAP automation on a technical level via RFC calls to be easily implemented, for many use cases with high performance.

SAPApplicationServerRFCConnectionWithUiPath_Public.pdf (1.9 MB)


Excellent work! Some years ago this would have saved me days of investigation and experiments. In the end it didnt work out because my company didnt give us developers access to the RFC functions on the productive SAP systems. But anyway - the way you describe it is the way automation with SAP and UIPath should be done.

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Thank you very much Thomas :grinning:

@StefanSchnell This looks like a Master Thesis for SAP RFC Automation world!

Love it! :heart:

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Also many thanks to you @LevKushnir :slightly_smiling_face: