Tip: How to Detect SAP UI5 Version


The current UI for SAP applications is an HTML interface called SAP UI5. You can find the public version of SAP UI5 as openUI5 here. The dynamic of the development of this framework is very high. From this perspective it could be beneficial to know, which version of UI5 is used on the site. Here a tiny approach how to do that.

I use the following selector for the Inject Js Script activity.

<html url='*sapui5.hana.ondemand.com*' />
<webctrl tag='head' />

And as script code I use the following JavaScript.

"function () {
  return sap.ui.version;

It delivers the using UI5 framework version.

I tried it from version 1.22.5 to the current release 1.73.2.

If version dependent methods are to be used, this seems to be a valid procedure to determine this.