Tip: How to Detect all Installed SAP Components an its Releases

Each SAP system consist of software components. Each component bundles a set of packages and each package bundles a set of objects, e.g. classes or function modules. The software components are e.g. SAP_ABA as cross-application (CA) or SAP_BASIS as basis component.


All these information are stored in the table CVERS.

Sometimes it may be necessary to query this information in the context of an automation, as we can see in this example. Therefore here an approach that provides this information.

ReadCVERS.xaml (9.9 KB)

All that is necessary, beside an installed SAP GUI for Windows, is to define the connection parameters.

The workflow delivers a table with the requested information.


This allows us to check in the context of an automation whether the SAP system to be automated has the necessary components and whether they have the correct release.


@StefanSchnell great automation overview, let me add a human :man_student: :woman_student: way of checking it :slight_smile:

Go here:

Press the button details

See the results


Thank you very much @LevKushnir.