Tip: Further Use-Case Perspectives for Task Capture

Further Use-Case Perspectives for Task Capture

Task Capture is very easy to use and also it is very easy to understand how to handle it. In many discussions with my colleagues they expressed their enthusiasm about this. Beyond we talked about further use-cases, not only to create process documentations for RPA. And the mentioned use-cases are error descriptions and instruction manuals.

Error Descriptions
For the colleagues in the support team is it often very laborious to comprehend errors from descriptions in support messages. To evaluate the errors it is necessary by trying it and by asking the reporter. This takes a lot of time. With Task Capture is it possible to optimize the communication between the supporter and the reporter. The reporter can very easily create a complete process documentation how the error occurs. The supporter can very easily comprehend the error. He sees the window and actions, can copy and paste the inputs from the document into his window.

Instruction Manuals
In the most cases the training departments in a company have authoring software to create professional instruction manuals. But the colleagues from the training departments needs information about the changing functionalities, user interfaces, input sequences, etc. of the software. In this case can help Task Capture too. The business expert can very easily create a documentation of the modifications, with markings and notes. The technical writer can very easily use this information and transpose it into the authoring software.

As you can see is it possible to use Task Capture also for further uses-cases, not only to create PDDs. In my personal software development, I also use Task Capture to support the creation of instruction manuals.



Thank you for your input @StefanSchnell! I added the FAQ tag to your topic :slight_smile:

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