Timezone ID was not found on the local computer

Hello. Curious if anyone has ever come across this error. I have an idea why it’s happening. The timezone ID “America/New_York” is not supported by the server we use our Robots on, which is Windows Server 2019. I changed the timezone ID to “Eastern Standard Time” and it worked, but this is not the result I’m looking for. The timezone IDs we typically get from our database are mostly similar to the “America/New_York”, etc. style (whatever that is called). After doing some research on this, I thought it might be a .NET update that was needed, but I can’t go any higher than version 4.8. Aside from doing a text replacement assignment, I’m sort of out of ideas.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!


Windows project (.net6) supports this style timezone id, however, Windows-Legacy (.net 4.6.1) doesn’t support it.

So, how about either of the following?

  1. Use 3rd party library (such as TimeZoneConverter)

Sample20240710-2L.zip (2.3 KB)

Please note that it’s necessary to add nuget.org feed in your settings of MangagePackage and use older version because of support version.

  1. Create necessary timezone as custom time zone using the following method.

Create custom timezone list in advance, then check it.


Hello @Yoichi , thank you for the reply. I do have nuget.org enabled in my package settings, but nothing shows up, even when I leave the search bar blank. Also, my project is built in the newer “Windows” style, not “Windows-Legacy”.

I don’t have any issues running my project on my Dev machine, but once the bot server runs it, that timezone isn’t found because it has something to do with that server being Windows Server 2019.

When I go to “all packages”, it’s there, but I can’t install it because I’m not using Legacy I assume.

Sounds like you’ll have to just set up your own translation matrix to convert what you get in your data to what the ConvertTimeFromUtc expression wants.


It’s because filter is set as Activities only. So, can you try to uncheck it then search TimezoneConverter, as the following?

If your project is Windows, the latest version will work.



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Haha I JUST found this out before I read your comment… It works now, thank you so much for the help!!

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