Orchestrator Time different to Systen Time


On behalf of my client, I’m seeking assistance in resolving a strange issue with Orchestrator, where the Orchestrator service thinks it is 1 hour behind the system time.

Here is an illustration:

The Orchestrator timezone is set to UTC. The Orchestrator and robot servers have the same system clock time, set as I understand via AD group policy.

When executing a job with a trigger time of, say, 07:20 the actual time it starts is 08:20.

Furthermore, the ‘Time’ of a Job Log entry in Orchestrator is 1 hour behind the timeStamp seen on the Log Details.

This started occurring after the domain certificate on the Orchestrator was updated.

I cannot see anywhere in Orchestrator where it shows what it thinks the current time is.

Any assistance much appreciated.

Macaroon Associates Ltd

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Hei Steve, this shouldn’t really happen.
What I find odd is that you mention using UTC but the on-screen log entry does have a +01:00.
I’d suspect there is somewhere not a true UTC configured but a +00:00 time-zone that now observes DST

Pease ensure the timezones are alligned between OR/OR-Server/Robot, I believe in this case the Server and robot observe DST and OR is set to do otherwise.
Kind Regards, Alex.

Thanks Alexandru, I have passed your info on to the client.