Timeout of the wait for complete property

I’m just curious about the timeout of the WaitForReady property. I know that after the page reaches a complete state the time-out session will commence, but does the wait for ready has a proper timeout associated or will wait without a limit to the pages to load?

Thank you.!

Hi @juan.betancur96 ,

The default time which it waits until the element or page loads is 30 seconds. Hence if you have kept wait for ready as complete it will wait for 30 seconds/ the specified Timeout before it times out.

The WaitForReady property has three options:

  • None: The activity does not wait for the UI element to be ready and proceeds immediately.

  • Interactive: The activity waits for the UI element to be ready for user interaction, such as being visible and enabled.

  • Complete: The activity waits for the UI element to reach a complete state, which includes being ready for user interaction and any background processing to be completed.


Hey! Yes, it will wait until the TimeoutMS is reached before throwing

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