Time zone for Orchestrator Logs is different than what is set in Tenant Settings


I have set the required time-zone in Tenant>Settings>Application Settings>Timezone in the Orchestrator (which is not the default UTC), as well as I have set the same Timezone for the Triggers as well.

But in the Automation>Logs tab, the time mentioned is different. I am unable to find settings apart from the mentioned above. I have read somewhere that the Orchestrator Database has its own Timezone. If it’s true, then how to access that?

My Orchestrator is cloud based, not On-Premise.

Attached is screenshot for reference. It says the job was run at 11PM but it was run at around 4.30PM. Although the Triggers run at the specified time properly. How to view logs in the specified Timezone?

Hi @piyush.g

Go to Tenant-> Settings → General
Here you can change the Time zone

I have already mentioned that I have set it from there.

The time zone of the Orchestrator tenants is set to UTC by default. You can modify it using the tenant settings.

The logs in the SQL database are designed to be in standard UTC format and this cannot be altered. In cloud you can’t access the database. You can only retrieve the needed data from UI or by running API calls.

But your browser/local machine, is having the same timezone as Orchestrator tenant? I think you are looking by 4:30 PM your time, but actually, based on the Orchestrator tenant timezone, you are seeing hours in advance.

Try to change the Orchestrator tenant timezone to your local timezone, and the time will be correct as your local time.

I think what you said might be the reason I can’t see the logs in the set timezone and it’s showing the standard UTC (default) timezone.

I have set the tenant timezone and the machine timezone as required. And it will run the bot in the provided timezone. Only the logs are showing different time.

So in order to look for the time in Logs, I will have to add logs in my process. But I think this is considered to be as a crucial feedback as in logs we have two columns - Time and Time (absolute). Time should display according to the set timezone in the tenant.

To give you the perspective:

Here the Start Time is shown as 08:01 (AM) which is the current time of the bot while the process is running. And the logs show time as 3 PM.

The time from the left is the Tenant timezone.

You can check the API results of those logs, or you can readapt the time after extraction and manipulate the time difference by substracting hours to match your needed data.

Thank you for the explanation and I appreciate your suggestion for manipulating the time difference after log extraction.

However, it is a workaround. And the change/feature I am asking about is for the person accessing the Orchestrator. After the Bot Handover, the user is supposed to get everything from Orchestrator. The user will not download the logs and manipulate time. They would just want to head over to the logs section and identify if anything requires attention and to identify the timestamp directly.

But I thank you for making it clear about the timestamps.

The time what they see in UI, is the one set for the Orchestrator tenant timezone.
If your local computers are in a different timezone than the Orchestrator tenant timezone, it will create you confusions, but in the backend, everything is set to UTC.

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