Exported logs from Orchestrator show times in UTC when Orchestrator settings are set to UTC-5 (EST)

Our Orchestrator (2017.1) is set to EST - UTC-5. If we schedule a job to run at 1:31pm, the job will start at 1:31pm EST as it should. The log as shown online also properly reflects EST.

However if we export the log to Excel, as we sometimes do, the time in the export Excel file is shown as UTC.

Why is this and can we do anything to correct this ?

Orchestrator settings:

Online log:

Exported log:

In addition, we are often finding anomalies if a job is long-running and it runs over “midnight” in UTC time - often jobs will fail, or other times go into a ‘holding pattern’ and pause for ten, twenty, thrity minutes before resuming.

This is odd behavior. Any thoughts?

Hi @mgirishfan

I would suggest creating a support ticket here.

Thanks - turns out this was something clugey in 2017.1 - we just upgraded to 2018.4.2 and voila! All dates and times agree.


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