Time Trigger via Orchestractor API

How to set/schedule time trigger via orchestractor cloud api?
Can anyone share any example on how to change/set the time trigger via orchestractor api?

Hi @Karuna
Check this one
I had used the json body for setting the trigger . I had used in one my projects [Note it is the json body edited by me, u can edit it for you own ]

	"Name": "reminder",
	"InputArguments": "{}",
	"Enabled": true,
	"UseCalendar": false,
	"StartProcessCron": "cronexpression",
	"StartProcessCronDetails": "{\"type\":5,\"minutely\":{},\"hourly\":{},\"daily\":{},\"weekly\":{\"weekdays\":[]},\"monthly\":{\"weekdays\":[]},\"advancedCronExpression\":\"0 0/1 * 1/1 * ? *\"}",
	"ExecutorRobots": [],
	"StopStrategy": null,
	"StopProcessExpression": "",
	"ReleaseId": 171516,
	"ReleaseName": "Reminder_nived",
	"TimeZoneId": "India Standard Time",
	"TimeZoneIana": "Asia/Kolkata",
	"StartStrategy": -1,
	"StopProcessDate": null,
	"ExternalJobKey": ""

Hope it helps you

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Even I am using json body for setting the trigger but I am mising something which leads to no results.
Can you please send me your worlflow or steps to perform or screenshots for reference.
Thank you.

Hi @Karuna

What is the issue ?

Is the issue is with timezones or something ?