API to update triggers

I have a process that downloads files and sometimes files are not ready when process is scheduled to run

so I files are not available, I would like to edit time based trigger and reschedule the job 30 minutes in future

I tried

curl -X PUT “https://orchestratorURL/odata/ProcessSchedules(141)” -H “accept: application/json” -H “X-UiPath-OrganizationUnitId: 54” -H “Content-Type: application/json;odata.metadata=minimal;odata.streaming=true” -d “{"Name": "testing","StartProcessCron": "0 20 5 ? * MON *","StartStrategy": 1,"TimeZoneId": "UTC"}”

it gives very descriptive error

  "message": "An error has occurred.",
  "errorCode": 0,
  "resourceIds": null

Hi @MondoS

If it helps, and it is possible to make this change from within Orchestrator UI, you can freely open the Network tab of the web browser inspect toolset, and peak into the underlying HTTP Request to see what might be missing.

hmm interesting
it adds everything to payload, swagger says only name, timezoneid and strategy are required

I’ll give it a shot

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