Scheduling job (Trigger) in orchestrator through API call

Hi All,

I am trying to create trigger or schedule job in orchestrator through API call.

I am referring link to understand request attributes.

request is

      "Enabled": true,
      "Name": "API_schedule_test",
      "ReleaseId": 55,
      "ReleaseKey": "429cf1cc-283c-424f-a935-43f72c2ca719",
      "ReleaseName": "input_output_test_DocEnv",
      "PackageName": "input_output_test",
      "EnvironmentName": "DocEnv",
      "EnvironmentId": "7",
      "StartProcessCron": "0 0/5 * 1/1 * ? *",
      "StartProcessCronDetails": "{\"type\":0,\"minutely\":{\"atMinute\":5},\"hourly\":{},\"daily\":{},\"weekly\":{\"weekdays\":[]},\"monthly\":{\"weekdays\":[]},\"advancedCronExpression\":\"\"}",
      "StartProcessCronSummary": "Every 5 minutes",
      "StartProcessNextOccurrence": null,
      "StartStrategy": 0,
      "StopProcessExpression": "",
      "StopStrategy": null,
      "ExternalJobKey": "af486c19-c797-48cd-b586-cfb7a12110a2",
      "TimeZoneId": "Morocco Standard Time",
      "TimeZoneIana": "Africa/Casablanca",
      "UseCalendar": false,
      "StopProcessDate": null,
      "InputArguments": "{\"arrayStrings\":[\"test\",\"test\"],\"age\":666,\"trueOrFalse\":false,\"dateNow\":\"2012-04-23T18:25:43.511Z\",\"stringNew\":\"stringTest\",\"DoubleTest\":7.555555}",
      "Id": 37

I want to change the timezone to EST. But not sure what should be value for the timezoneID and TimeZoneIana. Also, what is the significance of StartProcessCronDetails (how it should get change if i am changing the StartProcessCron).

Please let me know any documentation around it which I can refer.

Thanks in advance!!