Time based robot


we are creating bot which can search a calendar every 15mins and fetch the information. Is it possible to make this bot? Ideas Please

If you simply just want to do a task every 15mins, then you can either use the Delay activity inside a Do While loop OR you can schedule it in Orchestrator to run every 15mins using a CRON expression.

Scheduling with a CRON expression would probably be ideal… Here’s info on that:


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Thanks Clayton. I want the bot to read the calendar and after reading the calendar the bot will start a process in UIPATH. So the old process needs to stop and new process needs to take over. Will a Do While loop can do this job??

That is correct.
You can do it like this:

   Read Calendar    
   Perform Tasks
   Delay 00:15:00     
While True

The above method will run all day unless you change the While condition so it ends.

The alternative using CRON schedule would be same thing except minus the Do While and Delay activity.

Do this help answer your question?

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