Orchestrator scheduling

I wanted to schedule my BOT to run once in every 15 minutes between 5 AM and 7 PM everyday. could you please help me.


You Could use a CRON expresion to run the Robot like this, for example: */15 5-19 * * *
This Expression would run at minute: 0, 15, 30, and 45 every hour from 5 through 19.

CRON expressions can be added in the Advanced tab of the Scheduling page.

Also, if you are not well versed in CRON expressions there are plenty of sites than will help you calculate one based on your own rules.


Thanks a lot. As suggested, I got a tool for generating it.
Free Online Cron Expression Generator and Describer - FreeFormatter.com

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Scheduled the bot to run every 1 minutes and then in action tab scheduled to stop after 5 minutes, but in my case it running continuously for every 1 minutes without stopping.

Triggering : 1 minutes
Stop : After 5 min
Actual execution : 5 times

but it executes continuously without stopping.

Tharma KS