Throwing BRE in REFRamework not getting next Trans Item

Just a question…not sure if anyone else expriencing…throwing a New BusinessRuleException in the Process state of REF. Not being caught by Try/Catch. Automation Faults with Transaction Item “In Progress” in Orchestrator. in_Transaction Item is not following path through set trans status? No other REFramework automations experiencing this issue and all are built from same template. Bug? Cannot figure why it is not passing to tryCatch…thoughts?


  1. Please check if continue on error property is check on any workflows where the throw is being done or on the process.xaml
  2. Check if the transactionitem variable is passing to settransactionstatus.xaml
  3. It would be a good idea to perform step into and check variables at each stage

Hope this helps



Would recommend to check on these aspects

  1. Make sure that the exception type is correct. The exception type must match the exception that is being thrown.
    Better get it as System.Exception in generic within Catch block and then throw it as Business exception later

  2. I believe this would have not occurred but still make sure that the exception is not being handled by another Try/Catch block. If there is another Try/Catch block that is nested inside the current Try/Catch block, the exception will be caught by that block instead.

  3. Put a Breakpoint and try running in debug mode so that it will be easy to find the flow of exception

Hope this helps

Cheers @Chris_Bolin

running in debug it runs fine but when it is promoted to prod it has he anomalous behavior. I think it may be a GIT issue.