Throw activity

I am using Throw activity with exception as new Exception(“Some message”)
But when I debug the code its showing throw faulted.

How to use Throw activity in another way.

@Sayali8 Refer this Post

Thanks indra. I tried the possible things from that post, since my question is why Throw is showing faulted while debugging the code.

Similar threads. Please check.

Karthik Byggari

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i just want to try the throw activity in ui path , after using the throw it is executing and for a long time and not showing any error for that , can anyone help me in this please

I am also using throw activity for custom exception, But i am not able proceed, In thrown activity give validation pop up like “One or more children have validation or warnings”. Can any one help me to resolve this problem.



Can anyone share their experience or best practice in using rethrow or throw activities? I haven’t tried those 2 activities and I cannot see necessary information online on how to use it. The reason why I wanted to use these activities is to customize and make the errors as simple as possible to the user.