Error when using Throw activity (Throw Faulted)


I’m using the Throw activity in order to get out of a For each with a specific business rule.
My throw activity is set like this: new UiPath.Core.BusinessRuleException(“Error in data”)

All my business throw are build like this, but there is one which don’t seems to work as intented, When i Run it and reach it I obtain this error: “Object reference not set to instance of an object

I don’t understand why it seems to work on every throw execpt this one (again, they are identical).
Is anyone encounter this issue and get passed it ?

Thank you for your time/help

Hi @Peter

To make this more simpler, you can use Microsoft Activites as well :slight_smile:

  1. Create Exception (Available in Microsoft->Activities->Create Exception) -When you will drag this activity you will get a prompt to select exception type :slight_smile:
    You can pass Your Custom Exception Message in Message property and assign result into a variable. then use Throw Activity and pass the result variable.

InnerException Property is “Gets the Exception instance that caused the current exception.”.

and by following your way : use this new BusinessRuleException(“tst”).

Let me know, if you still have some doubts on it.


Thanks for the answer @aksh1yadav,

Unfortunately, i don’t have access to the Create Exception activity, have download the Microsoft activities extensions, my client have the Studio community to develop , what package should I download in order to get that ?

Another thing, i have ran some tests, turns out none of my throw are working anymore, they were working perfectly fine until last night.
I have tried to create a variable exception with new BusinessRuleException(“error)” and put that variable in the Throw, but the throw still got faulted.

Use Assign activity and select the datatype as uipath.core.BussinessRuleException and then assign your message.

and to install Microsoft activities extension hit Ctrl+p and type Microsft.Activities.Extension and search it and install it and restart your uipath studio.


I have tried that technique, and I still got the same Object reference error.

Here what i have tested:

and this

Another thing, My UiPath community version reset itself every time it got closed, so i can’t get a package, shut it and reopen, I have to re download it. it is a kown issue ? or should I change my Studio ?


@Lavinia @badita please guide on this.


@Gabriel_Tatu …have heard about something like this?

are you sure you start Studio from its shortcut and not from the installer (.exe file) itself?

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Yes i use the shortcut on my desktop and the one in the Start menu.
I got the same behavior.


I faced the same issue. Each time ‘throw’ activity executed in my sequence gave message as “Throw Faulted”.
However this problem was resolved when I moved it outside the try-catch block.

Just following up on this with my personal experience in case anyone was left hanging. When I add a “Throw” activity in a Try section, and specify something like new UiPath.Core.BusinessRuleException(“This is what went wrong”) as the throw’s “Exception” field, it fires and is caught just fine.


Thanks for the info! I was having the same issue, whenever I used just new BusinessRuleException(“Business Rule Exception message goes here”) the Throw would fault.

I switched to using new UiPath.Core.BusinessRuleException(“Business Rule Exception message goes here”) and it’s working fine now.

No idea what the actual difference is between the two, but it solved my problem immediately!

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