This Queue Item Has Not Been Processed Yet

Can status of 'New' queue item be changed to 'In Progress' using APIs ?

Issue Description: Change status of a queue item from New to In Progress using APIs.

Queue items are supposed to be processed by Robots before changing the status. If the status of a queue Item is changed from New to InProgress, it means that the transaction has been initiated. Without the transaction being initiated, it is not possible to change the status. When a Get Transaction item is used in the workflow to process a new queue item, status of it is changed to In Progress.

In general, the endpoint to change the status of QueueItems is as follows.

But it cannot be used to change the status from New to In Progress. On attempting to change it, below error is thrown,

Resolution: It is not possible to change the status directly from New to In Progress using APIs. It can be performed indirectly by changing the status by starting a transaction with

  • ../odata/Queues/UiPathODataSvc.StartTransaction

which will set the Queue Item to In Progress and return the Queue Item.