This is bad UX design

This is bad UX design. It’s unpossible that anyone thought this was a good idea, and clearly meant it to be a passive aggressive slight against the users.

You can see that over 1/3 of the screen (on a 1080p screen) is taken up by a JavaScript modal for no reason that applies to me. I’m not European, nor is my IP address. I don’t care about the GDPR, nor does it affect me. It will get worse when your resolution decreases, and the modal will probably be fullscreen on the common 1366x768 resolution

If you want to display something anyways, make it unobtrusive. Like a single line of text down at the bottom.

Oh, also, there’s no category for website feedback, so I picked the closest one.

The web is starting to look like it did in the 90s with cascading popups that obliterate any sense of being able to use the product, or in this case, the webpage.

Hi @Robot.Builder.9001,
Thanks for your feedback on this post, as well as this other one. We are working on releasing a new interface this week, that will solve some of the issues you highlighted.
In regards to the GDPR banner, since the site does have a European audience too, it is mandatory to make it pop-up for every new user. Point taken on the size of it though.
Thanks for helping us grow :slight_smile:
Mary Boca

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I don’t know who is telling you this, but it’s not America. We told those Brits a long time ago to stop telling us what to do.