Should I re think the sizes of my app pages?

Hello Community
Its Luis Fernando again. Straight to the point. I´ve been working on this app and I see that pages are not instantly adaptable to all kind of screen sizes. One of the things I´ve struggle the most is on how to create a App that´s fully mobile friendly, but now I see that I also have re think the way I design every page even if I´m using it in a pc. What I have here are two images.

The first Image is a page I Design to fill a form for client data, and the screenshot is from the App Studio.

The second image is how the same page looks from the preview in pop over modal, as is how I intend to use.

So I guess my question are:

Is it not a good practice to use the full design canvas of Apps Studio to design certain page? and it that manner, then I should design the UI of my app based on the display modal of each page?

Is there any way that I can modify the size on which my page on pop over modal appears?

I also checked out the documentation and there is actually a topic that talks about making my app and mobile friendly one, of course found it usefull, but still my questions remains.
I know in some way I´m talking about two different topics but i also found them very related.
Thank you so much.

@Luis_Fernando ,

If you have any pop-up on pages then that do not support 100% mobile friendly to match your requirements you can do below two approach.

  1. Use Pop-up with one control in each row , don’t use two control in same row
  2. Make container width 60% max

If you make container width 60% then you can view the popup into mobiles apps fit.

Other way,

Rather than using popup approach use as page so once navigate then open page directly. This will fix the issue.


I didn´t catch you quite well on your first point, what did you mean with " 1. Use Pop-up with one control in each row , don’t use two control in same row"
On the other hand I found the second point very usefull.

@Luis_Fernando ,

I mean use only one control each row that will have a better layout on mobile apps.


Check this feedback for detail solution!

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