This is bad design period

I am trying to go to this page:

Every time I do, I get rerouted to a page to set up a profile.

I don’t care about a profile, don’t want a profile, didn’t ask for a profile etc. I want the module so I can finish this test and start programming for realz. Get out of my way and let me, the user, do what I want.

No, you don’t need my location.

Hi again, @Robot.Builder.9001,
You are accessing a website containing free, downloadable content. Yes, we do require everyone to create a profile in order to use it, and there are a few mandatory fields we store, but that’s just so we can know our audience better.
I’m sorry you found our site not meeting your expectations, and we hope you’ll be satisfied with our next release.
Mary Boca


Ah, but it’s not free is it? You sell UIPath for lots of money. Good to know that the developers PII is yet another product that you are selling though.

Hello @Robot.Builder.9001

Calm down my friend…

Just like our friend @MaryB mentioned, UiPath Go! platform is a place where people who contribute to the community share their components, and hard work for other people to download and use on their automation efforts. I on my own have published around eight components which are always free… The Market place has all free content and nobody is charging money for what they publish there…

It is the best place to find pre-build content which makes our lives easy… As a person who use the platform, it is required to store few information about the person who is contributing by publishing or using those components for their automation needs… It gives UiPath more visibility about who is using what… Don’t you think it is a good to have that info to make the user experience better? :slight_smile:

However, These days my friend, Uipath Go! platform is under maintenance as they announced quite earlier to release the latest version of the Go! platform. During this time, you will not be able to access the content there… This will take a little time…

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I am trying to stay calm and professional, even if the translatory powers of the internet say different. :smiley:

There’s nothing wrong with a community, and I think it’s a great idea. However, there are also other programming communities that don’t force you to divulge all sorts of unrelated PII. Name and email address? OK, fine. But I also had to provide location, employment information, and check several other fields. None of which are labeled as mandatory, and all of them reset after trying to submit the form… And that’s after the form kept popping up for no reason after I logged in. There’s nothing wrong with them being optional.

I was so pissed off at UIPath yesterday, I had to leave work early to calm down. These were the proverbial pens/feathers/sticks that broke the camel’s back. The rest of the stack of pens is this level 3 assignment I’ve been working on for months because UIPath doesn’t work very well. Or maybe I haven’t figured out how it works yet. It’s moot because I can’t tell the difference and I’m not making much progress.

I wish it worked that way. Due to statistics, the best that it could do is make it better for the majority in the bell curve. Since I always find myself outside the bell curve, no it’s not going to work for me. On top of that, I have no reason to believe that the collection of unnecessary PII will support that goal, and I believe that it’s just a candy coating for their real goal of buying/selling/trading it like it’s a commodity.

I have come to the first conclusion by watching software devolve over the years as data collection and analytics have grown, and then watching regular people use it and love it. Back when people identified as power users, I was one of them.

I have come to the second conclusion after reading articles about security breaches and the motivations of hackers to steal data, and other related articles.

I do understand your concern :slight_smile:

There is always room to improve to provide a better experience to UiPath’s users… They will consider them in the future hopefully… :slight_smile:

Also, what is the problem that you have with assignment 3? Just curious to know what is stopping you from completing it. If it is something that is broken in the academy or the evaluation process, I can try to alert them on that so they can try to get it fixed…

The documentation isn’t very helpful the few times I’ve tried to use it to figure out how an activity works.

UIPath can’t interact with a JavaScript modal in non-IE browsers, and doesn’t do a good job in IE. People have been asking and complaining about this for years, and the javascript modal is older than UIPath, so there’s no reason it should be so poorly supported, especially if it’s part of the curriculum.

UIPath can’t interact with the IE download bar.

And my latest is that its confusing the two file and address bars in Explorer, which I am just about to post in the forum about.