There are ways to set a bookmark in Word, but I cannot find anyway to read the data from a bookmark in word

Is there anyway to retrieve the value of a bookmark within a Word document? I know you can set them with UIPath but I cannot find a way to read them.

Hi @Doug_Miller ,

For now, I don’t believe we can retrieve the value of a bookmark within the Word document. Would it be possible to share with us how you would use this feature?


For the time being, I’ve filed this as an improvement on our side, will follow up here once we have an update.

Hi Raluca,

For this instance we have users that run macros within a Word document to populate the template. They use bookmarks to mark the fields to update and they are saving them to a folder. We needed to pick up these word documents and read the bookmarks to determine what to do with them in our RPA solution.

Thank you for the additional info, I’ve added this to the item tracking this. Will follow up once we have an update.