How to Create Lots of Activities Quickly?

Hi, I am about to manually create 200+ Word Activities for Set Bookmark Content (cries). I was hoping there was a way to easily mass produce an activity. I tried doing Save > Export to Excel. Thinking I could easily manipulate the XAML file data, but I cannot upload the excel file back into UiPath. Is this somehow possible?

Or perhaps there is some better way to solve my issue with an Array inserted into the Set Bookmark Content…?

My Goal: I have a Word Document that I made into a template using Bookmarks… however this is a 24 page document with 200+ bookmarks. I have each Bookmark Name and each Variable name, but do not know how to create the most efficient way to setup my UiPath file…

I really don’t want to manually create 200 “Read Cell” Activities and another 200 “Set Bookmark Content” Activities…

Unfortunately, the data in Excel is not in a table structure, but each cell has a Named Range for that cell.


Excel Named Ranges:

Word Bookmarks:

Please advise. Hoping I don’t need to build a Robot to enter all this in. hahaha. Thanks everyone.

Why use UiPath for this? You could just use VBA to loop though the Excel sheet and create the bookmarks in Word, you could then use the Execute Macro in an Excel Application Window to run the code in your automation.

It is always a good practice to convert into RPA script by using UiPath.
That will allow the user to make enhancement. Not only creating bookmarks… in future… want to export same bookmarks into different file send by email etc… can achieve by UiPath.

to answering @odanovich , Your requirement can be created by UiPath. please refer the following link,

Hope my inputs are useful.

Have you tried using a looping construct for this? Like a For Each loop? You can read the excel and use the for each row to read each row and insert the bookmark. If you attach the excel and word document here, I can help you